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2006 and 2007 Re-Assessments are Cancelled

On June 29, 2006, Minister of Finance Greg Sorbara announced that property tax reassessments would be cancelled for the next two years (2006 and 2007 values for 2007 and 2008 taxation) to allow for the implementation of the Ombudsman's recommendations to Ontario's property assessment system.

For more information visit - June 29, 2006

New Municipal Legislation Gives Municipalities More Powers

On June 15, 2006, Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister John Gerretsen introduced Bill 130, the Municipal Statute Law Amendment Act, 2006.  Generally, the legislation replaces existing very specific municipal powers with broad permissive powers. 


The legislation includes amendments to many municipal statutes and extensive amendments to the Municipal Act, 2001.  These amendments will give municipalities most of the powers and duties, excluding fiscal tools, that were given to Toronto under the City of Toronto Act, 2006 (enacted June 12, 2006 - see separate news item). 


Some highlights:  municipalities are given,

  • the power to establish codes of conduct and appoint an integrity commissioner, an ombudsman, an auditor general and a lobbyist registrar;
  • the power to establish a municipal service board for any municipal service or activity;
  • expanded authority to delegate their powers / duties;
  • broad powers to license businesses;
  • broader enforcement abilities;
  • the authority to prohibit and regulate the demolition or conversion of residential rental properties with six or more dwelling units.

For more information visit:  

- June 26, 2006

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New Residential Tenancy Legislation Introduced

On May 3, 2006, Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister John Gerretsen introduced Bill 109:  "Residential Tenancies Act, 2006".

Some of the important features of the Bill are,

(1)  the annual rent increase guideline would be based on the Ontario Consumer Price Index, all rent increases could be stopped on application to the tribunal if there are serious outstanding maintenance issues;

(2)  the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal will be renamed the Landlord and Tenant Board;

(3)  above-guideline increases for capital expenditures (which have been more narrowly defined) would be capped at 3% for a maximum of 3 years at which time sitting tenants would be eligible for rent reductions; and

(4)  above-guideline increases for higher utility costs would be 'rolled-back' for sitting tenants when utility costs go down.

- May 9, 2006

Government Changes Land Transfer Tax Rules

The Ministry of Finance has published a tax bulletin (LTT 1 - 2006) which has the effect or requiring new home purchasers to include the following items in the price for land transfer tax purposes: lot premiums, planting / sodding and paving costs, extras and upgrades, lot levies, development charges, school levies, Ontario New Home Warranty Plan fees etc.

For more information go to: - May 9, 2006

2006 ARB Streaming Strategy

Richard Stephenson, Chair of the ARB, has announced the Board's 2006 streaming strategy.  There are 9 guiding principles (which have not changed since last year):

1.  tax appeals will not be scheduled until after the assessment complaints are resolved, unless otherwise requested in writing;

2.  where practical, the Board will schedule appeals filed by a single representative / party into the same hearing event;

3.  unscheduled complaints will be scheduled with previous years' appeals, wherever possible;

4.  the Board will not designate two different streams for one property;

5.  the Board wil continue to give 90 days notice for first pre-hearings;

6.  the Board encourages parties to enter into consent procedural orders;

7.  the Board will schedule complaints into pre-hearings except for specific complaints which will be streamed 'direct to hearing' (i.e. the default stream is pre-hearing);

8.  the Board will agree to convert from the direct to hearing to pre-hearing on request if the issues are complex; and

9.  conversion requests for properties already scheduled for hearing will be subject to Rule 74. 

- April 17, 2006

2006 Assessment Forum Announced
Phil Sanford of McCarthy Tétrault and CDG's Karey Lunau will be hosting the annual Assessment Forum on Wednesday, October 4, 2006.  For more information - April 5, 2006

CPTA's 40th Annual National Workshop
The Canadian Property Tax Association is holding its 40th Annual National Workshop on September 24-27, 2006 at the Delta Centre-Ville in Downtown Montreal.  For further information, visit - March 29, 2006

Ombudsman Releases MPAC Investigation Report

André Marin, Ontario’s Ombudsman, has released (March 28th) the results of his investigation into the transparency of the property assessment process and the integrity and efficiency of decision-making at MPAC. 


The Ombudsman has made 22 recommendations concerning: the information to be included with assessment notices (rec. 1-5); the release of information to the public (rec. 6-10); the collection of accurate property information (rec. 11-12); complaint procedures at the ARB (rec. 13-20); the reversal of the onus to MPAC (rec. 21); and, reporting back to the Ombudsman in 6 months (rec.22).


MPAC has accepted 17 of the recommendations, two of the recommendations, including the reversal of the onus, are not within MPAC’s jurisdiction, and the remaining recommendations are under review. See the separate entry under "Cases" for a discussion of the Manitoba legislation referred to by the Ombudsman in his report.


The full text of the report entitled “Getting It Right” is available at: .  MPAC's response to each of the 22 recommendations is available at: .


- March 28, 2006

2005 Multi-Residential Valuations Have Been Mailed
MPAC has mailed its 2005 current value calculations to all multi-residential property owners.  - March 23, 2006

ARB Eliminates TCC Participation Lists

Shirley Lee Collins, the ARB's Senior Case Manager and Registrar, has announced that the ARB will no longer be sending TCC Participation Lists to the parties.

The parties should obtain the entry code either from the member fixing the TCC, the Board Order setting the TCC, or the Notice of Pre-hearing.  The 'dial-in' number for TCCs is:  416-212-0400 or toll free at 1-866-355-2663.

- February 8, 2006


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