We have posted CDG's standard ARB Pre-Hearing Forms. These Forms are applicable to most complaints / issues.

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Consent / Procedural Order #1 - This Board Order fixes statement of issues and response dates. It includes a detailed summary of the information that must be included in pleadings.

Consent / Procedural Order #2 - This Board Order fixes production, discovery, and report exchange dates and sets the requirements for obtaining a hearing date.

Consent / Dismissal Order - This Board Order is issued when a complainant is in default of Rule 77 or a procedural order of the Board. It fixes what is commonly referred to as a 'drop-dead date' by which issues must be filed, failing which the complaint will be dismissed.

Consent Adjournment Prehearing / Hearing - When the Board is not being asked to make an order, these consents are used to move a complaint from one hearing event to another. The "Small Property Consent" is generally used only for unrepresented complainants. Its usefulness may be limited under the Board's new Rules given the Certificates of Readiness requirements.

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